Friday, January 13, 2012

Post Script

Well, it didn't take long for something to appear on my clean work table at home.  This lovely item arrived in the mail yesterday from Karen Musgrave: a challenge to do something with it and make a finished quilt. BLEH - this is a CHALLENGE!
I must be nuts to have signed up for this, but how could I resist?  Now that my table is so neat, I can work at night on this while I work during the day in my REAL studio on something else.  I figure if I can rescue butt-ugly blocks, I can do the same with this fabric.  I look forward to seeing what everybody else does with theirs. 

One of the challenge guidelines is to document the process with pictures and post them to this blog, so you will see my trials and errors (oops - I forgot, there are no errors) as I go along.
Stay tuned!


Martha said...

Hi, Rayna,
Here's what I posted on Karen's blog:
My fabric arrived Thursday (yesterday) and I hate it just as much as I feared I would from the picture. LOL. But this is partly the reason I wanted to do the challenge--trying less-than-favorite fabrics and using Rayna's method of free-form piecing strips and working intuitively rather than having a firm plan.
So here I go! I got out a box full of leftover strips. Will report later.
I was glad to read your description--BLEH. LOL.

Cathy Bargar said...

Yikes! You are right - a challende indeed. I don't think they've made fabric that ugly since the 1950s....looks like it might feel creepy too, like it might comtain cretonne (whatever that is!) or poly, or some undefined pre-WWII stuff. Keep us posted!

Del said...

Can you over-dye or over-print? Use the back? Can you move to Europe?

Karen S Musgrave said...

Can't wait to see what you create! Hugs, Karen

Marti said...

I love this fabric as it reminds me of Grandma Ruby. Like you, I washed and dried it and the hand of the fabric did not change.

Mary Beth said...

I have some nice yellow and brown fabric with mushrooms and squirrels if you need a zinger LOL. (I handed that out as a challenge fabric once and its memory lives on many many years later. As does the fabric!)

Marti said...

Mary Beth, I love both "mushies" and squirrels! If you have a blog, post a picture of the fabric so I can see it. (Link to blog, please.)


Rayna said...

Gag me!

I've moved my blog

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