Friday, January 20, 2012

moving right along

Miracle of miracles - I finished a quilt that had been sitting on my wall.  It's stitched, faced, and ready to ship out to be photographed.  I am so good at finishing things under pressure:-). 

Tonight, I finally got around to slicing up some of the ugly fabric that Karen Musgrave is sending out to the lucky people who volunteered for the challenge. The only way to deal with something that hideous, IMO, is to cut it into such little bits that nobody will notice it. 

The problem with that is that it takes forever to use it up because it's in such bitty pieces.  On the bright side, it is hardly noticeable among all the other wonderful fabrics.

These are simply units that I am making with little or no thought as to exactly how I will use them. But they do have to be used in a quilt, so I'll keep going and figure it out.

Tommorrow morning I have to pack and after lunch I'll be driving to Brooklyn to spend the weekend babysitting for Miss Emma.  Will be home on Sunday and have an art opening to go to (not mine), so it will be a busy few days. No sewing; my lightweight machine is in the studio. Maybe I will read. I may have to dig out the Kindle and take it along.  We shall see. 


Karen S Musgrave said...

I am getting bolder in the use of the fabric. I am curious to see if this happens with you too. Love what you are doing!

Anonymous said...

You're right it's hardly noticeable. I had to look hard to find it.

Janice PD said...

wow..its nearly invisible since you dyed it. Had to search hard to see it.

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