Wednesday, January 11, 2012

blablabla Wednesday

I had the best time today!  Mark Lipinski is hilarious and I now understand why so many people listen to his weekly broadcast.  He'll probably ban me from his studio after he sees this picture, but oh well.  He was talking with his mouth open -- a good thing to do.

 I simply had to take a picture of his bookcase, which is the only one I have seen which is color-coded.
Here's the link if you want to hear the podcast of today's Creative Mojo, which I co-hosted with Mark Lipinski. Click, then click on Creative Mojo when you get to the podcast page. I wasn't going to listen to myself, but truthfully, I'm glad I did because I laughed all over again. It was a delight!


Dale Anne Potter said...

AWESOME to hear both of you on the radio today!!!
Isn't he a hoot - I warned people when he did a trunk show in Moose Jaw, that they need to go to the washroom before he starts and hold your sides......after they knew why. Your mouth even hurts from laughing & smiling so much! Wish he lived closer.
I am so looking forward to YOUR new book - I totally need to cut up all my dyed & printed fabrics instead of treasuring them....
LOVED you both!!!

Gerrie said...

I listened to the first hour and then it was too much stuff I wasn't interested in - had my lunch and forgot to check back in.

Laura Krasinski said...

Loved listening to both of you on the show last week... And I totally love your book.. but, I already told you that... :-)

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