Monday, January 16, 2012

d'un autre oeil

 Sometimes it takes another eye; another sensibility to see the beauty in something ordinary.
 I was in my studio last Friday and over the weekend, as well.  The place was warm, the sun was out, and the energy was, as always, positive. 
While I was at work, a studio visitor was observing, eye peeled, camera in hand. Here is a glimpse of what I see (but don't really see) when I am there.  Fresh perspectives.

On the subjet of d'un autre oeil -- I'm taking it one step at a time with the ugly challenge fabric from Karen Musgrave.  I planned to dye it over the weekend, but was (horrors!) out of soda ash at home.
Tea dyeing didn't work very well (especially with green tea) so I retrieved a bit of soda ash from the studio yesterday (remind me to order more!) and this morning, mixed a little Sage with Pro Green and got exactly the color I wanted.  Truly amazing, since I did not measure and was only guessing at what I might get.  The hideous pink is still there but toned down.  Next step - stay tuned. Or check Karen Musgrave's blog to see what others in the challenge are doing. 


Karen S Musgrave said...

I love this color! I dyed too but with some really old brown dye. Hugs, Karen

Marti said...

Nice green, Rayna. I made my fabric a bright pink:

Anonymous said...

Good grief, that is truly ugly. Looking forward to see who you use it.

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