Friday, May 25, 2012


It started out gray but turned sunny by the time I got to Brooklyn, so we had to wear our sunglasses as we headed out for the afternoon.

First stop was Ample Hills Creamery - the best ice cream I have ever had; probably better than Jeni's in Columbus, OH - and I didn't think it was possible.  They are giving ice cream making classes in the Fall and I am sorely tempted (even though I already make ice cream). If you are in NY, it is worth taking the Q train to 7th Ave. (5 stops from 42nd St) and walking a few blocks for this ice cream.

Later, after working off the ice cream at the playground, we went out for dinner.  Best meal I have had in recent memory at a new organic restaurant that opened 2 weeks ago on Jessica's corner.  The restaurant is Carlton Park. Farm-to-table, local organic and an interesting, outstanding menu.  Even the gin was organic - LOL.

So - busy and happy day, leading into what I expect to be an equally busy and happy holiday weekend.
Wishing you all the same.


Cindy Cooksey said...

Ain't granddaughters wonderful!? I'll bet she enjoyed that ice cream, too.

Linda Hicks said...

I have thought about that ice cream store all weekend. That photo of granddaughter has a close resemblance to your profile photo on the right! Very sweet.

Janet H. said...

Thanks for all the great Bklyn recommendations! I'm adding them to my list.