Tuesday, May 08, 2012

the post-open studio blues (not)

What a terrific day. Plenty of wonderful art and lots of people. Our studio had the best food, so people hung out - which was not a bad thing at all:-). I was too busy meeting/greeting to take photos, but it was great fun.

There were 15 of us showing our art, among whom were Michael Manning who is (sadly) moving to Chicago.
I think his work is wonderful and if his canvases were not too huge for my walls, I would consider taking out a second mortgage to buy one. Ah, well - I can dream.

The good news is that I sold my piece, "For Sale or Rent," which the buyers referred to as a "fabric painting." Hmm...I like that term. They are taking it to their home in Florida, where it will live happily ever after.
I was back in the studio yesterday, trying to get it back to its normal messiness so I could work. Made some progress. The tomato cage, which served as a scarf display, is still on loan (permanent loan?) from the designer who fashioned it.   He suggested I use it to hang my fabrics so I could see what I had (ha! what an idea!).  So I'm in the process of slicing up pieces and hanging them to see if this is really a viable idea.  Here's as far as I got before I had to leave the studio for a dinner meeting.

These are 4" wide strips (more or less) and we shall see if it works out when I really start to use it.  I have a long way to go - but cutting strips is almost as much fun as ironing.
 Enough of this idle chit-chat.  The morning is almost over and I am still at home; time to get moving.


Gunilla.B said...

Congratulations for selling a quilt! It is adorable!

GerryART said...

Wonderful News! ! !
terrific to learn a new term for you work :*)

Displaying color is always wonderful!


Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

Congrats on sale. It is terrific to know that your piece will now have its own life outside your studio!

I am at the Crow Barn working with Elin Noble. It is a great class. I will go home with gobs of samples many of them will get pieced into scarves.

Natalya Aikens said...

sounds great! congrats on the sale! wish I could have been there....

Linda Hicks said...

Congrats on the sale of your fabric painting! Hope you don't miss it too much. Get a Rowenta and you will love ironing and a June Taylior large and small strip cutters to make tha cutting a pleasure. I think!

Vivien Zepf said...

Hurray on the sale! Lucky owners!

Karoda (nickname) said...

woohoo on the sale of a fun looking piece...and since my revolutionary intellectual tomato grower sat out this season...I actually have some tomato cages to try out in my studio :)

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