Monday, May 21, 2012


I'm home, and after sorting through my photos and the ones that Carol so generously shared with me, I can post about the second day of class.  Everybody agreed that this has to be a two-day class and that chopping and reinventing is addictive.

The class and meeting were held at the Mason's hall and Carol gave me the title of "Worshipful Master of Free-Form Quilting."   You can already tell that this is going to be another laughter-filled day.

Barbara came in with a whole quilt's worth of similarly boring blocks.  By the time she left, yesterday, she had added color and energy to all of them.

  She even transformed the sashing. I hope she sends me pictures when she has put this quilt back together.

I think it was Catherine who started with a pile of these
and turned them into this.

Linda's blue and brown nine-patches were actually nice.
                  but then she turned them into a dynamite vertical.  We auditioned them a couple of different ways, and this was the winner. 
Earlier in the weekend, she was busy with another challenge.

Judith began with this, which actually looks better in the photo than in real life.

Now it is becoming something else.
Here is Carol, putting the finishing touches on a piece she made. She's getting ready to sit down and quilt it.
 One happy camper -- and one dynamite small quilt!

Elena is contemplating how she will put together the new units she has created from the pieces she brought. 

Michelle's brown blocks eventually became more colorful and the diagonals she added will make a livelier quilt.


 Marie, who drove down from New York State to take my class, was beside herself with joy
at having the time to create and then the luxury of stitching to her heart's content.  I can relate to that, can't you??
 Below, Ann is contemplating what she will do with all those leftovers.
  Here's Betty with her original block, shown on my previous post. 

Sunday night's meeting was a lot of fun.  After my lecture on "What IF?" the class did show and tell and everybody loved seeing the results.  

More, tomorrow.


Marianne said...

Très inspirant ,il y aura des quilts magnifiques

Rayna said...

D'accord, Marianne. J'attends les résultats:

Mostly Turquoise said...

Very inspiring results, must give lots of satisfaction!

Linda Hicks said...

These are so fabulous. Wish you were in Boston!

Heather said...

It's fun to see the before and afters, great inspiration.

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