Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy ________Day

This Emma-ism seems to cover whatever the occasion is, as long as it is cause for celebration. Just fill in the blank! Today I had a happy day; I spoke to all of my children -- both biological and acquired, and I spent the day with two of them and three of my grandkids. "Twas lovely.

Here is one of them in the backyard of the restaurant, where we spent the 1/2 hour wait for a table. She had just identified a basil plant and was feeling rather proud of herself.
Yesterday, I visited my mother to say Happy Day and took with me pictures of her mother and her mother's mother so we could talk about them.  I also brought her two dark chocolate bars, which she sampled immediately.

It was a delicious day in every sense of the word.  Here, before I go to bed to recover from my Happy___Day, are two more "only in New York" pictures I took today.  This first one in the Q train, en route to Brooklyn.

And this one in the neighborhood, which - in case you can't read what is written above the filled trash bags behind the padlocked fence, says 
 Am I missing something?


Marianne said...

Le sourire de Emma est magnifique , on donne tout pour vivre des instants comme ça

martha said...

Lovely Emma, Lovely day. Can you even imagine walking in the the subway shoeless? OMG :>/

Sandy said...

Happy Day indeed! Glad you had fun, but how could it not be fun to be with that cutie! Miss you- make a plan for next year in FL, we'll have us some fun.

Françoise said...

A lovely day! Bonne fête, un peu en retard!
Emma is a big girl now. How old is she?

Annie said...

This is to say Thank you.
Love your book "create your own free-form quilts"
Those small strips are now put to good use and it is great to sew with nothing in mind but just wanting to sew.
Thank you for the inspiration!

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