Tuesday, May 22, 2012


One of the things I like to add into my Cinderella workshop is a little bit of crit brainstorming for anyone who asks.  Carol E. had been working on a piece and brought it to class because she was not entirely happy with it and wanted some feedback.

We put all our heads together and did a few "what if?" experiments till we all agreed this was much better.  Carol was happy and so was the piece:-). 

The big, heavy black borders were too traditional for these free-form blocks and the center black strip interrupted the flow of the piece.  We tried inserting the blue elsewhere in the piece but it just didn't work. Somehow, the blue worked better at the top than it had at the bottom.  Everybody loved the what-if process in action and hopefully, it will help them while they are working on their own pieces.

Finally, last night I got an email from Michelle, who had transformed her blocks from static to dynamic.  She was so excited with what she had done, that when she got back to the hotel she laid all the blocks out on the bed to see what they would look like as a quilt.  Here's the photo she sent me. 
 Reminds me of the game of Pickup Sticks we used to play as kids. What fun!!  Thanks, Michelle.


Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

I have to agree the after is much more jubilant... the black was too heavy. The second picture seems more brilliant all the way around, but I still like it better.

Judy said...

Those design discussions are so important for everyone! Yes, jubilant is a good way to describe the second iteration of this piece.
We need to talk - are you coming to Atlanta during the time that you are teaching for Cotton Patch in Athens? Suzi told me she was in touch with you, so I do hope things worked out. I want to see you, and also be in your Cinderella class.....far cheaper than counseling!


Mostly Turquoise said...

Oh yes, definitely better! I have to look up the meaning of jubilant, but it sounds like a jubilee, something to celebrate, festive... Will look it up though. Note to self: finally order Rayna's latest book, will need that in Spain! Have a great day...

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