Wednesday, May 02, 2012

one handed blogging

I am sewing with my left hand - facings. One down, two to go. I thought I could type with my right hand while I was sewing but to my surprise, it did not work out. Imagine that!  So - I am typing with two hands and will soon stop and sew a few stitches, then repeat the cycle. I expect this will take a while.

I was in the studio today, continuing to clean up for Sunday's open studios. This means hiding things where I will never find them again, just so the place looks reasonably neat. Despite the fact that nobody who comes buys a textile piece, I persist in showing them. This year, along with the prints on paper and the collages o paper, and my scarves, I have five small quilts in various irregular sizes. If I stick them on my padded wall, they won't look like much. If I want to mount them on canvas, I have to either wrap fabric around or paint the canvas because there is going to be space around the piece. Nothing like waiting 'til the last minute.

I was too tired to decide this afternoon and I am still sewing, so who knows? In the meantime I took the piece I had been working on to the studio with me today to find some fabric to mount it on. Hmmm... I posted it upside down and it seems to look ok either way.  The proportion is just wrong and it is too small to stand by itself, so I believe this will work. 

For about a nanosecond this afternoon I thought about finishing it in time for Sunday. But then sanity took over and I decided to leave it on the table as-is, in full view, so people could see what something looks like in process (if they are curious).

Before I left today, I pinned a scarf that needed help, to the other table. I screened some images over what was there and I think I'll leave it in place as a demo. 

Turning into a pumpkin as midnight strikes, and I need a break from sewing, so I will continue tomorrow.


Gerrie said...

You multi-task - I am familiar with that!

Eva said...

Enlarged -- adored -- simply wonderful.

Sandy said...

Hi Rayna, I just got a brainstorm.
you could take photos of where you are hiding stuff away. then you can find it again later when you need it!
Sandy in the UK

HollyM said...

On the bright side when you do find some of those things, they will new and exciting!
I'm glad sanity has somewhat taken over. I wish you a good studio tour and maybe a sale.

Helen said...

I love seeing WIPs....especially when they are improvised. Like listening to jazz!

Diane said...

Rayna - The photo of your 'work in progress' reminds me of a dimensional series that Jean Wells did a while back.

Jean quilted and bound/faced a 'top' piece. Then, attached it to a larger 'background' which had been previously quilted to echo the lines from the top piece. I believe her book was: "Portraits From Nature".

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