Tuesday, September 02, 2014

a weekend of sewing

Seriously, Labor Day weekend was just that. With the exception of a walk in the park, I was in for three days sewing down facings and adding sleeves.  I am done.  They are all signed/sealed/ready to hang and none of them has a name.  At this point, too tired to care.

This last piece is one I made years ago but put away and forgot about. I unearthed it as I was looking for something else: not sure how I feel about it

Amazingly, I accomplished everything on the to-do list in my head: paid bills, went to the bank, bought blue glue for my class supply list, packed my teaching supplies and started to pack my clothes (all in one suitcase, I hope); did laundry and finished sewing the sleeve on the gray quilt.  Oh, and read a little bit. Not on my list, but done anyway, was finishing the ice cream in the freezer - LOL.  And you can guess what next on my list is...yawn.

The finger is coming along and the bandaid is off and on, depending.  I am hoping for a night of dreamless sleep so I will be lively enough tomorrow to tackle he rest of what I have to do.


Eva said...

Yes -- I remember the one you're not sure about it. I'm sure about it. It is gorgeous. I see it as a 3-D thing, lights, fences, an exiting piece!

Eva said...

corr. please delete "it" in the first sentence.

patty a. said...

I pretty much chained myself to the sewing machine Labor Day weekend too. I am glad your finger is healing and that you got your to do list completed - well, at least this current to do list!

Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

Hi Rayna... glad to hear you are on the mend. See you soon.

Linda Hicks said...

a weekend well spent, Rayna!...I accomplished a lot myself...and it feels so good (yours in production, mine fixing the studio to such a level it feels like a new town).

Kaja said...

Glad your finger is improving - it clearly isn't holding you back at all! The quilt at the top got the most instant response from me, but I realise I have spent longer staring at the one you're not sure about.