Friday, September 19, 2014

time warp

This is what happens when I come back from the West Coast and am still on California time.  I am up till all hours (it's almost 1:30 a.m but my body thinks it's 10:30) then I sleep till 9:30 am and am eating 2 breakfasts and multiple other meals because I'm starving at the wrong hour and then at the right hour. ARGH.

The sum of my day: sorting through the mail, doing laundry, unpacking supplies, and finding   looking for hanging sticks in correct sizes for all my quilts. I can see that I shall have to get out the saw for the sticks and repair/redo sleeves that have had holes cut in them for the Walker hanging system. And yes, I need to make a few labels. Needing to do all that hand sewing makes me wish I were a tv watcher (but not enough to actually BE one).

I unpacked, heat set and washed some fabrics I printed at the end of class.  They are the final layer on my ugly demo fabrics for the Portland workshop.  We worked with glue screens and after I improved a student's fabric with this particular screen, I went to work on my own.  I'm really happy with them (which doesn't take much because they were dreadful). Now I have to figure out how I am going to use them, eventually.
I was trying to use up as much paint as possible so I wouldn't have to cart it home.  I am seriously thinking that in the future, I will teach surface design only within driving distance of my home so I can pack all those supplies in the car and not have to schlep a 50 lb. suitcase around the country.  I am too old and decrepit to do this any more. So THERE!

Puttered around the house today but tomorrow morning I will attempt to beat the hordes to the supermarket and stock up on food for Rosh Hashanah dinner Wednesday night.  Not only is my refrigerator pathetically empty, I have to cook over the next 4 days and set the table. This is why I am clearing my quilts off the dining table.  

Ok, it's almost 2:am eastern time and I had better scoot to bed or I will not be up early enough to beat the supermarket crowds.


pam in sw florida said...

I took a dye class and purchased the left over dyes when class was over. Another time, this teacher said pick a number and we all ended up with a jar of dye to use.
Maybe this would help you with paints

Jane said...

Night duty leaves me with the same feeling of not knowing which meal to eat! breakfast 3 times a day IS OK !
I had wine with breakfast twice last week, once after night duty and then after a sleep in after a long week cause it was lunch time by the time I woke up! you only live once!

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