Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday morning catch up

I spent most of the last week making sure I had labels on all of my work and cutting sticks the right sizes for the ones that had not been exhibited yet.  Tomorrow, I hang my work for the exhibit that opens Oct 10. 

I was so exhausted that I spent Saturday napping - which I never do.  But by yesterday (Sunday) I had recovered enough to go into New York, planning to see a film that was not available in NJ. Unfortunately, the sound in the theatre was at 120 decibels -- so loud that it was painful. A request to turn down the sound was ignored, so we got our money back and left.  This is not the first time and I am officially done with movie theaters unless they are indie/boutique theaters like Film Forum, Lincoln Center, or the Angelika in NY. We have already crossed all large chain theaters off our list.  No film is worth the pain!
I did take a few photos as we wandered around midtown.

42nd St.   The crowds were almost impossible to get through.  This reminds me of when my son saw someone with a similar sign and bought him a bagel.  When he handed it to the person, the guy rejected it.  He really did not want food.  Can't speak for this man.

Walking east toward 5th Ave, a glimpse of the Chrysler Building --arguably the most beautiful and elegant in NY city.

And at 42nd and Park Ave, Grand Central Station.  Another beauty against a modern backdrop, at least from this angle. I love the juxtaposition.
Inside the station I took a couple of pictures but my flash didn't go on.

Off to the right, an empty space.  Amazing!

Walking back to the west side on 43th st, this was the sight on Broadway. I could have sworn that this now-police station used to be the TKTS  booth.    It is kind of cool that B'way is, for a few blocks, a pedestrian walkway.  But they really need to make it mrs user-friendly and attractive.  Oh well, nothing is perfect.

But for me, NY city is pretty close to perfect - with all its flaws.  Today, back to work.


Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

NYC is so EXCITING! Best of Luck.

Charlotta said...

When I lived in Atlanta, I volunteered for many years at a soup kitchen. Though they also purchased food and ingredients, they relied to the extent possible, on donations to make the soup and serve it as well as the extras to go with the soup. We regularly received donations of day old bagels. I love bagels and thought they would be great to compliment the soup. But I quickly learned that I was wrong. Bagels are terrible news for the homeless. Almost all poor or homeless people have terrible and/or no teeth and in order to eat bagels, you have to have good reliable teeth.
People who have grown up without ever having good or any dental care, and even without any dental hygiene because.
So perhaps the man who rejected your son's offer of a bagel did so because he was unable to eat it. Be careful not to judge people before or unless you know everything about them - if you must judge people at all! It is especially dangerous to make judgments about those who are different from ourselves.

Martha Ginn said...

What beautiful pictures of the City. They gave me the feeling of really being there.....thanks!

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