Tuesday, July 11, 2006

as I sit here

... drinking my evening gin over ice with calamata olives (much better than the green ones) I'm looking out over the lake or lagoon or whatever it is that was in yesterday's sunset photo.The sky is about six shades of grey, the lake another, and even the lone palm is a dark neutral. There is a blessedly cool wind and it is raining. The mass of egrets, who were digging for worms in the grass this afternoon, have flown. And there is no photo I can take from here that will convey the scene accurately. There is a poignancy to this visit. My motherdoes not say it in so many words, but knows at some level that she will most likely not be back. It is the elephant in the room, too heartbreaking to contemplate. Even for me. The rain has stopped; so has the breeze. And I am going to retreat to the air conditioned interior with a book. Tomorrow will be another adventure.


Deb H said...

Oh dear Rayna, you sound sad. Your photos remind me of our time in Florida with aunt Ethel. She had a condo in St Pete. Her view was much like yours there.

Getting old sucks, but I keep reminding myself it beats the alternative, at least to a certain point.

My thoughts are with you. Hope & hugs being sent your way.

Fulvia said...

Dear Rayna,

my thoughts and prayers are with you and your Mom. Wishing you serenity of heart, I send you a big hug.

Gerrie said...

The inevitable outcome we all reach where we become the parent and our parent the child. It is hard, but you will get through it. Then you have to be in Florida in July on top of it. Sending you and your Mom good thoughts.

Rayna said...

We'll get through it, and I will try not to talk about it any more.
This is, after all, supposed to be an ART blog.

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