Sunday, July 02, 2006

more from Fla.

Had a nice break yesterday. Jane Steinberg, who dyes gorgeous silks, and her friend Christine, picked me up and we went to see the quilts at the Norton Museum, followed by lunch in their café. Lunch, as you can see, was a work of art in itself. Antique quilts from the Shelburne Museum were on one side of the museum and we saw those first. While not all of them were to my taste (I prefer the graphics of pieced quilts to Baltimore Albums, for instance) - they were, on the whole, spectacular. And there were some wonderfully quirky, personal, funny, pictorial block quilts. No pictures. It was interesting to contrast these with the exhibit on the other side of the museum, Elements by the Front Range Contemporary Quilters. Sandra Woock, Lisa Call, Regina Benson, and a host of others had pieces in this themed exhibit, and the differences in interpretation were varied and striking. Lisa Call's pieces reminded me of what drew me to quilts in the first place. Again, no pix, but here is the article from the Palm Beach Post . More thoughts on art and art quilts when I come back. I am on dial-up and need to free up the phone line here.

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