Sunday, July 16, 2006

it's that time again

Need I say more? Well, maybe. I remember the first time I did this to my studio, several Augusts ago. Everyone who knows me has heard that the place was so peaceful, all I could do was sit and stare into space. Of course, that's all i want to do now - but it is mostly from the exhaustion of filling a garbage bag with useless crap that was sitting around because I MIGHT, maybe, someday, use it. I have barely made a dent, but there is some progress. MS. CLOSET - where are you when I need you???? I've made a start. I would hardly call it an extreme makeover, but at least you can see the top of the table.

And I unearthed this photo which I had bought in Asheville and which was buried under STUFF. Aren't they lovely? Another happy couple.

On another note - before I went away, I was experimenting with wax again. I had this wonderful little corrugated shopping bag and I coated it (and the contents) in paint and beeswax. More or less a piece of encaustic sculpture.

Now if I could only find another corrugated shopping bag, I could do a series. But I have never seen another one and no supplier on the Internet that I have found, has such an item. So it will have to remain one of a kind.


Omega said...

You could of course buy a roll of corrugated cardboard and make your own!

:-D eirdre said...

I found Karen's book so inspiring that I have purchased many copies for friends and given countless recommendations. Far too many of us I think suffer from the clutter disease. Good luck with your purge!

I love the photo of the young couple!

And studio photos are always a great way to start the day!

PaMdora said...

Cleaning is good, especially when you find some good stuff that you forgot you had!

Deb H said...

Quite an improvment from your previous photo of the table. Isn't it great to get back home? Tell Jessica, that what she may find boring, there are many of of out here who find your blog very interesting. I love seeing what you do. The bag is great!
& welcome home.

Elle said...

I have that same feng shui book! A friend gave it to me years ago!

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