Friday, July 14, 2006


Does anybody know what these things are? I would say flamingos, but they don't seem big enough and I never see any standing on one foot. Suitcases are packed and we are ready to leave tomorrow morning to return the rental car and head for the Palm Beach airport, where they don't sell chewing gum but at least they have free wireless internet. Newark airport doesn't have free anything, but they do have a good Borders and they do sell gum. The only time I chew gum is on a flight -- except for the time when I gave up smoking. Then, I chewed so much my jaw hurt. But I digress. Anybody with a name for this flock of yard art, let's hear it.


deb said...

They are Ibis.

Rayna said...

Oh. Thanks. Ibis. Hmmm... I knew somebody would have the answer.

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