Wednesday, April 18, 2007

days and evenings in Berkeley (long)

When you spend your days with a group of talented artists who are also fun people, time flies. Here are the lovely Gerrie Congdon, Dee Danley-Brown, and Kristina Adams paying close attention to something. Or someone. Andrea Van Voorhis, Patricia Smith, and Denissa Schulman look equally rapt - so we must have been having our critique session today. I was delighted that Patricia had signed up for the workshop - she was a friend from New Jersey who moved to Berkeley, so it was a great opportunity to see each other again. We did two days of printing, and then spent the third day doing creative exercises and working with the fabric they had printed. Dee had gelatin-printed a beautiful piece in grays with some copper paint added (yesterday's first post). She cut into it (ouch!)

and by today she had a clear idea of what else she was going to do with this piece. Gerrie's happy with a board full of small studies and things to finish at home.
I was especially pleased to see the results ofthe people who had never done surface design or made an art quilt before! Look at this piece that Denissa Schulman put together.

Not only were my days busy, but evenings were full, too. We went back to the classroom every night after dinner and a speaker.

Sunday night, my class played without me because I had an important dinner engagement with the handsome and talented author and erstwhile blogger on this site -Ted Orland, of Art & Fear and The View from the Studio Door. To protect his privacy and keep him from being beseiged by fans and groupies(other than me, of course) I did not reveal his identity to my class until the next day. Unfortunately, I was too flustered in the face of his fame to ask him to autograph my dinner napkin. But he was full of good advice on a number of topics, so it was a rewarding evening.

I have to get up early tomorrow to catch a flight, but I expect to be sitting around the airport because of weather in Newark so I will have time to post some more work from the classroom. Tune in tomorrow.


Susie said...

3ooks like and sounds like your class was wonderful! And how cool is getting to have dinner with Ted Orland, one of my all time favorite writers about art.

Gerrie said...

Egads! I forgot to suck in my tummy. OK, I start my diet tomorrow!

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