Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Where has the time gone? (as usual). I've been packing and packing and packing, it seems, for days. And then, repacking. Tomorrow morning, no matter what, I am out the door to the airport. Why do I always think I am forgetting something vital? Then it turns out that I have overpacked. I never learn.

Despite my best intentions, I never got to the studio this week and I will have to e-mail my studio mate to ask if she can water my plants. I should also take postcards to address for Open Studios, since I have not had time to do so. Something to do on the plane, I suppose. Oh, yippee.

Meantime, in the hopes I could dye some nice fabric to take and impress my students with, I threw some pieces in the dyepot this afternoon. The less said about the results, the better. One piece was sooo bad that I decided to experiment with discharge and see what happened. I tore it into three pieces. Here is the original. This is a flattering picture. It is much more blah in person. I threw one piece in a container with that blue cleaning gel - whatever it is. Then, of course, I put it in anti-chlor.
Better, but still not as nice as this picture. Finally, I put discharge paste on the third third, wrapped it up and steamed it for 10 min. Aargh.
It looks diseased. I can hardly wait to see the improvement on all of these after I have printed on them at Art Quilt Claremont. I will post from California.

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