Monday, April 23, 2007

temporary Spring

That's what they say -- and I believe it. 75 degrees and divine today - but by Thursday, they predict rain and 50's. How sad. On the other hand, it was HOT today in that beautiful, sunny studio of mine -- and on the 2nd floor of a two-story factory building from 1880, I can imagine that we might just need either a gigundus window fan or an air conditioner. Not to mention a fridge! I overdyed the yellow fabric from yesterday with -- aha - YELLOW! Can't wait to see what it looks like by the time I get there on Wed. Tomorrow, Joanie San Chirico and I are meeting our friend Jette Clover in NY to spend the afternoon doing who-knows-what? We haven't planned anything, which means we won't be disappointed. Jette lives in Antwerp and we haven't seen each other since last year when we taught at the Kansas Art Quilters. What fun! WHAT? Might you ask, is this? Con Edison's motto is "dig we must" - but here's a manhole cover that is still intact. Can't say how old it is, but I couldn't resist the photo - and maybe tomorrow I'll get to take some more pictures of such wonderful things. Wouldn't this make a fabulous rubbing? In New Jersey,when they create havoc on the roads, the signs always say "The inconvenience is temporary, the improvement is permanent." Hasn't anyone told them they have it backwards? More NYC pix tomorrow - in lieu of my own artwork, which is non-existent at the moment.

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