Saturday, April 07, 2007

the long weekend

Very long. Friday seemed like Sat. Today felt like Sunday, and tomorrow will probably feel like Sunday again. Maybe because it will be! Happy Easter Sunday to all of you who celebrate it: I guess it feels more like Thanksgiving or Christmas, depending on where you are.

In case you are wondering what that piece of fabric is, it is a discharge experiment. It is wrinkled because I have not ironed it; I will wait till it dries because I don't want it to discharge any more than it already has. Pretty, huh?
What did I say about this being an unpredictable process?


Deb H said...

It sounds like you're really busy!

Your discharge piece is yummy. I've just started playing with a clorox pen.

I LOVE your antique quilts & tops. Particularly the 1850-90s ones. I use my antique tops for my dining room table, with a big piece of clear vynil to protect them, & I rotate them 4-6 weeks at a time, so they don't get too much abuse.

I was sad to hear you've cancelled Whidbey Island. I did too, but will still be going for vacation time, & have rescheduled my class for next year. Someday I'll catch up with you, even if I have to figure out how to bring you up here! Since our one dye shop closed it's hard to find classroom spaces for wet work.

Carol said...

Rayna this piece of fabric is just gorgeous.

Olga said...

Wonderfully evocative piece! It reminds me of lying on grass on a hot summer's day looking up through the leaves of a copper beach tree.

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