Monday, June 09, 2008

am I food-obsessed?

Where has the day gone? I'm still thinking about yesterday, which was nonstop and delightful. While I've been doing the kitchen renovation, some of the most helpful people have been on the Garden Web Kitchen Forum. Yesterday, a dozen of us gathered for brunch at Nice Matin on the upper west side of Manhattan and met in person for the first time.
What a lively group! It was fun to put faces to the screen names and on-line personalities. And we all had a great time.
Marty came with me (you can see him in the foreground while I am yakking in the back). We have always driven in, but he's not driving these days till his eye heals and I don't drive in the City unless it's Sunday morning - so we took the bus in and the subway up to 79th. When we got to the Port Authority, Marty couldn't resist getting in line with the rest of the commuters in George Segal's famous sculpture. After brunch, we caught the 3:30 bus back to NJ and had a brief respite before we left for Kerr's. She was having an opening for an artist who was her very first assistant and it seemed like a nice thing to do on a Sat. night. The gallery was packed and was about 100 degrees, which is probably why I was fixated on the ice sculpture. Kerr's in the background saying goodbye to some guests.
These yummies were the next best thing to the ice: pignoli tarts that were so good, I have to figure out how to make them myself. They were from an organic bakery run by friends of the artist.

thunderstorm that brought down the temperature just in time for us to leave for home. We had a late (for us) dinner of the delicious spanikopita and taramosalata we had bought on 9th Avenue earlier in th day, before we ran for the bus. Joyva halavah for dessert - marble nut (pistachio) that we are rationing because it is impossible to find anymore where we live. In the store on 9th Ave, I pointed to the huge piece and said "THAT." It was 2-1/2 lbs of THAT. This is half.
and this is the skinny piece I just cut for myself after I took the picture.
Heaven. If you are not acquainted with this confection, you can read about it here,
I have already located a source for it by mail and might have to buy it for Marty as a gift for his next birthday.

Worked all day today on the "therapy" sewing project but it is almost 2:AM, so I will leave it for tomorrow.


Natalya said...

at a fabulous day you had... and what's wrong with being food obsessed?

Karoda said...

i love reading about your NYC adventures! just can't find places like Joyva around these parts ;)

Anonymous said...

You're killing me with the picture of that pistachio halvah. What would you get, the bucket? How could I hide it from myself?

BTW, therapy looks good, too. Helene

Gerrie said...

I had halvah in Jerusalem, but not pistachio - sounds divine.

Your therapy piece is looking great.

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