Monday, June 30, 2008

Is this art??

Looks like an installation to ME. But of course, it is Philadelphia street art. Look how nicely they set up the display. My cousin Edmond, ever-vigilant, since I made him liberate some construction fence for me in Paris several years ago, pointed this out as we walked around Philly last week.

No sooner did I get home from QSDS than my French cousins, France & Edmond, sont arrivés et nous sommes partis pour Philadelphia en vacances. Marty and I were celebrating our 26th anniversary - and what better way?
The night of our anniv, I had made reservations at my favorite restaurant, Fork. The meal was fabulous and the manager of the Penns View Hotel where we stayed, bought us the bottle of wine we had ordered with dinner. What a lovely surprise!

We made the rounds of the historic sites, since Edmond wanted to see the Liberty Bell and the actual constitution, etc. But then, enough was enough and we couldn't resist gelato and espresso outside this place on Market St., near the hotel. I mean, what French people could resist a place with this name??
Since we spent only two days in Philadelphia, we didn't have time tp get to any of our favorite places, like Snyderman Works or South Street. But we did go to the Philadelphia Museum, where our cousins wanted to look at contemporary American art. They were extremely impressed by the museum's excellent collection of Degas, Cézanne, and other late 19th-early 20th c. French Artists. I, on the other hand, was more captivated by what was below (or adjacent to) my feet as we walked around the city.
I was so busy having fun that I didn't take many pix. But Edmond did get this shot of R&M in front of the wall outside Ben Franklin's final resting place.
Aren't we glamorous with our sunglasses? The next day, back to real life with a vengance.
But we're looking forward to seeing our cousins again soon - maybe next time in Paris!


Russ Little said...

Je pense que tu sait que j'aime Philladephia presque plus de tout les autre ville de l'est. Sans doute, je suis jaloux.

Glad you had a little "vacation".

Rayna said...

Moi aussi, je l'aime. Vacations are good.

Gerrie said...

Congrats on 26 years with Marty! I haven't been to Philadelphia in ages. I always enjoyed visiting.

Linda B. Dunn said...

Philly was my home base --- I grew up near the Main Line, took the Pennsy in to visit my father at work (the best part being the vending machines in the basement) and going to the children's concerts at the Academy of Music. Took my first real art classes at Moore College of art, which felt VERY grown up, since I was still in high-school. I love going back. Will add any recommendations of yours to my list.

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