Friday, June 13, 2008

hello from Columbus

No pix. I am happy to have Internet after 3 days of intermittent power and 3 nights of NONE. Horrendous storms, trees down, a fire in the transformers - bleh. Yesterday at 4 pm the electricity went again while I was in the middle of putting on the facing to the therapy quilt I was bringing with me. I would have used my treadle machine but there were no lights, either. No phone, no Internet, no air conditioning, and the smoke alarm kept screaming all night. Power was back at 4 this morning and by 6:am I was at the sewing machine. By the time I left for the airport, everything was back but the Internet. Raining in Columbus - and of course, i have no umbrella or raincoat. But tomorrow, classes start and all will be well. I'll take pix and check in tomorrow when I can.

1 comment:

Judy said...

What crazy weather!
Glad you are ok.
Have fun!!


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