Saturday, June 21, 2008

what a week!

I got home to still no Internet -- and no tv (which doesn't bother me). Comcast can't come till Thursday, so I am hijacking a neighbor's signal when I can. It is sporadic and frustrating beyond words.

The week at QSDS was wonderful! Print Original Cloth - Make Original Quilts was a 5-day journey that yielded amazing results.
As always, the diversity of results from random screenprinting was astonishing. Everybody who came into the room to see what was going on was bowled over at the cloth on the boards.

Chef Susan's work was playful and of course, had a theme dear to her heart. Here is only one of her many fun pieces.
Diane Abernathy created this with freezer paper resists.
Cécile's pieces included these.
One group of 3 sharing a table decided to share screens and do a round robin. They all used the same 3 screens and these were the results. What a great idea!

Later in the week, the assignment was to take the piece of fabric they liked the least and use it to make a piece of art. Big groans and lots of mumbling under the breath later, some spectacular pieces emerged. Here's Connie with the piece she thought was ugly.

And here, in process, is what she did with it. I wish I had a picture of the finished piece.
These are some of Dorothy's fabrics (her least favorites. Why??)
In any case, she used some in this piece.
Kevin cut up a piece he had printed with soy wax over the weekend and here is the in-process result.

And there were many others that I didn't get good pictures of. Believe me, cutting into fabric you have printed can be traumatic. But if you start with a piece you really don't like much, it's a lot easier.

Blogger is making faces at me and threatening to stop uploading my pix. Besides, my French cousins are arriving tomorrow and I have to get my beauty sleep. Next week, the studio.


Carol Sloan said...

Awesome fabric!It sounds as if you had a very full week. I'll bet all your students had a blast!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rayna

Love the book
Cannot wait to experiment

Yu get a lot of good work out of your students-maybe it will rub off!

Nokomis Florida

Russ Little said...

OK, I've got to get myself to QSDS next year. There was clearly some serious talent in that workshop. Looks like loads of fun. Glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself. -R

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