Thursday, June 05, 2008

a printing day

This afternoon I spent a few hours in the studio. I seem to be at a creative impasse - you know the routine: nothing comes together. So I took the opportunity to go back into a couple of pieces of fabric to see if I could improve them. This one was easy. Dyed, then discharged, it looked like a big nothing.

I don't normally buy other people's screens but at market, I saw this one and could not leave it there. It was just right for this space.
By the time I took a picture of this next one, it had been dyed, discharged, and printed. I hated it.
So I got out black dye and covered it all up. After I wash it out, it will undoubtedly need another layer or two.

This raucous fuschia on pink was beyond help, so I got out the syringe and went to work. Can you interpret how I was feeling?
Ditto this one. If you look closely enough you will see my mantra for this week:


Russ Little said...

In spite of the angst or because of it (can't decide which), I like the energy in these pieces. If nothing else, it's good therapy. Perhaps it's also time for a deep breath and a martini on the deck. Take along a nice book of inspiring art. Just a thought. -R

Anonymous said...

You did not mention it here but congratulations on the "niche" recognition you received.
Whatever you do seems to further promote this wonderful art quilt world we are in

I cannot wait for my copy to arrive.

Your Friend in Florida


Gerrie said...

Ha! Even Rayna has those days when nothing seems to work. But, really, they were not that bad.

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