Saturday, June 07, 2008

color, color, everywhere

I couldn't resist sharing a photo with you of this colorful contents page from the (one) book in my possession.

Pam commented I never mentioned here that my book was a finalist in the 2008 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Consider it mentioned. It was a big surprise (since I didn't know there even was such an award) and I am thrilled that it made the short list (6) out of the thousands of books that are published each year by independent publishers like C&T.

I am still waiting for the books to arrive so I can get them out to you if you ordered a signed copy. They should be in the bookstores soon.

This has been a good time for me to do what Helene Davis calls "therapy sewing." I imagine we all need the no-brainer stuff periodically while the REAL creativity germinates. Some people make ATCs, collages, or postcards. Some sew strips. I seem to return to my own version of square-in-(or on) square, working in brights and quirky color combinations. This time I am cutting up a few of the bazillion yards and scraps of my own printed fabrics and pairing them with the gorgeous Indian fabrics from Handloom Batik. Today's assignment is to finish what I have started. It is 94 degrees outside, so staying in is a good plan.
Usha will be at QSDS vending this year and I will be thrilled to see her there. I just CANNOT let myself buy any more of her fabrics - if you are there and see me even thinking about it, stop me!!!!!

For now, before the day gets away from me, I'm back to the above project. Later I will tell you about yesterday's activities.


lizzieb said...

congrats on the book! I can hardly wait to see it!

Susie Monday said...

Me 2, me 2. Love the therapy quilt.

Carol Wiebe said...

Rayna, I've been enjoying your blog for quite some time, and thought I should finally post a comment. I, too, can hardly wait until your book comes out, and am not surprised it caught the notice of those who hand out awards.

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