Wednesday, November 18, 2009

almost packed

True to my word, I shoved most of my stuff in the suitcase this afternoon. We went out for crabcakes and martinis and when we got home I decided I simply had to finish two more scarves to take with me. So many sold on Sunday that I don't have more than a dozen left. I had dyed this pink one (really, more red than it looks in the picture) so I just added the printing, then dried, steamed, washed, dried, and ironed it. The blue one had been printed and just needed a few bits of graffiti added before the same process ensued. Here's a close up of the text on the red one. I need to do a few scarves with cryptic messages next time; I have quite a few of them from fortunes collected through the years. I straightened up the kitchen so the housekeeper won't bolt and run as soon as she gets here on Friday. Everything else is in chaos, but I don't care. Finally, I am charging my iPhone for the 40th time today. Grrrrrr....Bev warned me I would have to charge it every night, but every few hours???? Tonight, the alarm gets tested. I always worry that it won't go off when it's supposed to and end up waking 65 times a night to look at the clock. What's wrong with this picture? Terminal A, an itty bitty plane to Detroit, and getting up at the crack of dawn. I am still reading "Heat," about Mario Batali but also downloaded "The Help" onto Marty's Kindle, which I plan to take with me. Anon. Or as one of those cryptic messages says, "soon, and in pleasant company."


Eva said...

Sounds like your phone needs a new battery?
I wish you a good journey and lots of fun with your class!

Sujatha said...

Have fun...your class will surely enjoy themselves..

Debra said...

Have Fun and Be Safe!

Anonymous said...

Mornin' Rayna,
I am a regular thru Yahoo Feeds; I have learned so much from you here and your book. Thank you for sharing your process, sources and inspiration.
I will be there when you teach here in NC in 2011! - maybe before then, if my change jar fills quickly. :)
I get the sense you are excited to travel and teach! My grandmama used to say I was "journey proud" when I got excited to go somewhere new. Have fun.
Suzanne G in NC

Bev said...

Hmmm, if you are near an ATT store, run in and have them check the battery. Really, I charge mine once a day, only once a day. Love your scarves, BRW!! Maybe Houston batteries are weaker than most?

Judy said...

I am loving my new iPhone....but charging it only once a day.
Have you started "The Help" yet? I've just about finished it, and had to force myself to put it down last night at about midnight.
Love your scarves!


Sandy said...

I concur with Bev- you shouldn't need to charge the phone more then at night. I use mine all day, then just plug it in while I sleep. and the alarm has never failed me- trust the iPhone! But yes, stop in and get it checked- there may be a defective battery in yours and they will replace it for you. Bev and I are making 'zee plans' for you when you get back!

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