Monday, November 23, 2009

Happiness is Ann Arbor

Saturday morning I talked to the guild about how I got from hereto here.
There was much hilarity along the way and believe me, I didn't show them everything I had made on my journey! After the meeting, my friend Bob picked me up and we went to lunch at the famous Zingerman's, which rivals Zabar's in New York and is one of only two places in town where you can get terrific coffee...not to mention terrific everything else! It's a landmark. Afterwards, we went to the Art & Architecture building to visit my niece Tali, who is a senior year architecture student. We learned a lot from her about the differing approaches to architecture, depending on the school. And she gave us the grand tour of the studios. This was my favorite: the Pink Foam Studio. And to think that I use this stuff as a design wall -- how unimaginative of me!Later in the afternoon, we checked out the student exhibit at a gallery in town and I couldn't resist taking a picture of this wearable(?) art. The weather was mild - perfect for walking around town -- or for sitting at the Ohio-Michigan game, which we did not do. Then a lovely South Indian dinner and the day was over.

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Sounds lovely.

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