Saturday, November 14, 2009

I was at the studio again today, hanging and re-hanging work. There is still one empty space on the wall, so I have to hang a transition piece.This will be a last-minute decision, as I sew one more piece of canvas to stretched canvas and take along some quilts. Here is another canvas piece that is already on the wall.

I swore I was finished making scarves but last night I want back into three and improved them, and this morning, did the same with a 4th. While I was arranging them this afternoon, one of the other artists came in and bought one, which she plans to wear tomorrow.

Each scarf is so individual and so different that I can never replicate any of them -- and sometimes it breaks my heart to sell a particular one. This one is a favorite: old wall, deconstructed and screen printed.

Then, I decided that I loved this one too much to sell it, so I took it home with me and may wear it myself, tomorrow. We'll see.

Some of the artists are putting prices on their work, but two of the artists are not. They both said that people are not coming to buy, they are coming to look.There are, in fact, several curators coming tomorrow: one from a museum and two from galleries.

I may have a sheet with the prices of each piece but I had better get busy and do that tonight. When you have open studios, do you put a price on each work?

Before I wrap up, I need to pass along this call for entries I received the other day, just in case you are interested.

Juried Art Services is pleased to anounce that the application for Rochester Erotic Arts Festival is now available on

Application Deadline: February 1st, 2010

Event Location: Rochester, NY

Event Dates: March 26th, 2010 - March 28th, 2010

Application Fee: $35.00

"Celebrating sensuality, sexuality and eroticism in artistic expression" The Rochester (NY) Erotic Arts Festival is a tasteful yet enthralling event featuring an international erotic art exhibition, intriguing workshops, poetry contests, spicy entertainment, and living erotic art. This show is an international juried exhibition. We are in search of high quality original works that are creative, erotic and thought-provoking. Accepted media include drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media, collage, digital art, photography, film, and sculpture, for exhibition and possible sale. I think I'll skip that one. I am sewing sleeves onto a piece that was accepted into a national juried show after having been passed over by another one. That other one sent me one rejection notice and then, wanting to make sure I understood English, sent me a "reconfirmation notice" of rejection a week later. Perhaps they meant to discourage me from ever submitting another piece. Time to finish sewing sleeves.


Nina-Marie said...

I've never had an open studio but I do know that when I go to any showing I like to have a price list available. I like that much better than seeing prices on the pieces only because my "logical" self starts thinking about the $$ aspects of the art world and I forget that I'm there to take in the beauty.

tiedyejudy said...

I have only participated in one Open Studios, and did have prices on everything... it seemed to make it easier on me and the folks visiting. But for my last show of the year, I have several items that are small and I plan to have a price sheet posted near them.
I hope you have great turnout!

Lzyjo said...

Oh, I had to laugh about the double rejection. I'd had that happen too after contacting local "handcrafted" shops. The wife sent me a rejection "oh, we don't have room"..... then the next day I get the same copied and pasted email from the husband. Gee, thanks! I think that was a miscommunication on their part, that show was just plain rude. :)

Newest scarves are gorgeous, love the olive one and the mauve one too. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rayna, scarves gorgeous, congrats on Form, Not Function acceptance (I got the skinny EMAIL, but they ARE kind enough to tell us who was accepted so we don't have to make ourselves crazy trying to find out...). I'd be there today if I hadn't drove home last night through half of Connecticut in the teeming rain. Enjoy your day and make lots of happy customers for your fabulous ART! Debbie Bein

Eva said...

I do not have a studio (and it is far from being open), but I'd probably use labels to make clear what is for sale and what not. If prices seem to blunt or materialistic to you, the labels might contain a number, a title, a year... To have a price list as well is an good idea, also in order to keep people from bargaining.

kathy said...

Prices are always on my work these days...even though it may be not in an obvious place (that means sometimes on the back, but I have used a price sheet before too. I'm just ready, so if someone asks I'm not fumbling around trying to come up with a price.
Had to laugh about you keeping the scarf and not wanting to sell it! I have those moments too.
Have a wonderful open studio and I hope you sell lots and get gallery interest, which I just know you will.

Jude Mowris said...

I have been to many openings where the artist has prepared a small bi-fold handout that has a photo of one piece and inside is a list of the works with the prices. It also contains contact info so that if a visitor thinks after the showing he/she must have a piece, they can contact you from the brochure.

Vivian Helena said...

I believe in having the prices, either on a sheet or on the piece. I have been in the Sierra Art Trails Open Studio Tour ( Near Yosemite Nat. Park, in Calif. )for 5 years.. and people do not like to ask pricing.
Love your scarves,I hand dye cotton scarves, amounge other items. Have yet to set up your method.. looks like great fun!!

Debra said...

No matter where I go and items might be for sale, be it a garage sale or a studio tour, I like to have the items priced or a sheet nearby.

Good luck on selling your scarves! They turned out dynamite.

Congrats on the show too!

Approachable Photos said...

Holy cow, Rayna, two rejection noticed on the same piece? That's just harsh. :(

I'm in love with the scarves and the piece you're stitching to the stretched canvas is lovely and complex.

Del said...

I hope your Open Studio event is a "sell out" and the gallery reps recognize your excellence in fiber art. You know I would be there if I could be! Put prices on everything - people do hate to ask for prices, it makes them feel stupid. Good wishes - Del

Kathy said...

Are you bringing any scarves to Ann Arbor next week? We would love to see/buy. Looking forward to the workshops - we're scrounging for some skillets.

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