Sunday, April 24, 2011

good news and bad news

 Good news: since I ditched the captcha on my blog, I have had a post from June Underwood.
 Bad news: I had my first spam comment
 Good news: Blogger snagged it in the spam filter.
 Very bad news: I just deleted all the most recent comments from my blog by mistake. Par for my day.

 Good news: it was mild (60s) and the sun was out for much of the day and we went to the park.
 Bad news: it rained again tonight - with thunder.

Now that I've dispensed with that...

I was in the studio again yesterday, mostly staring into space and ironing more strips.  I even threw some fabrics as the wall - but I am out of practice, so my aim was not very good. Don't know where this one is going, if anywhere. It looks better from this distance and this reminds me of why I started this blog so many years ago. To get a distance on my work and see what it really looks like. Then to have a dialogue with myself.  But I am too tired for dialogues tonight.
I brought home all the strips I had ironed and started sorting them by color and size. THAT didn't get too far before I decided it could be an endless process. so I stopped.
 Done for the time being, I began to sew my therapy strips together - starting with the really long ones.
I continued tonight and am getting somewhere.  Of course, I haven't the vaguest idea what I will do with them but that is not the point. The point is to sew and not think. As you are aware, this adds years to the viability of one's brain.  I probably added a decade of usefulness to my brain cells with all the non-thinking I have been doing.

In any case, I am working with yellows. Perhaps it is my need for sunshine in this long, gloomy, wet, cold winter - still not over. Or just a general need for warmth. Corn yellows, wheat yellows, green yellows, khaki yellows... I went to see my mother this afternoon and we sat outside in the sun. I could just feel all those little rays of vitamin D surging through my body.
On this note, off to get my beauty sleep.  The night before last I dreamed in French and woke up exhausted.  Life gets weirder and weirder.  Yellow to the rescue.


Angie in AZ said...

I need to do this kind of sewing! Haven't in a LONG time. But, I have another painting in my head that needs to get out so I think that will come first.

Eva said...

Ever so true what you say about sparing one's brain. It is not a muscle that needs training. This so goes with my present experience. And: Yellow is the color of centering, rest and meditation in the Chinese color cosmos. It signifies the middle, stability, equanimity. Good choice really!

And I'm deeply impressed with your latest prints!

Mostly Turquoise said...

Bravo for the yellow, it already looks very good Rayna!
Sending you sunshine from the Caribbean,

Regina, SXM

Del said...

Whatsa "captcha"? I hope you don't mean those magic words that let one post a comment. You and Terry Grant have the very best!

Did you read Terry's Haiku?
How does yellow sing?
With threads of gold and sunlight.
Stitch a melody.

So lovely and my favorite color!

PaMdora said...

I always think captcha looks like something you should put on a hamburger. Love your yellows!

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