Sunday, April 10, 2011

who is this guy?

Seeing him in his element should give you the answer.  And if you still don't know, look at the more recent photo below this one.

Now that we've answered THAT question, we can move on to today's treasures.

The clean-up/clean-out continues. It's really hard to decide what to keep and what to throw; if I were not so sentimental, I could be clean and neat and organized.  Can't I be both?? Please?  NOPE.  Well, then, I'll choose sentiment over neatness. Are you SURE I can't be both?? Sigh...

I used to frequent estate sales.  Someday, my house will be the star of one --mostly filled with stuff from other peoples'.  Some years ago I bought a pink satin box filled with thread and scissors. $3 for the whole bunch.  I put it away and never really examined the contents  till now. SILK THREAD. Vintage. Perfectly beautiful and still good.

My research tells me these are probably from the '30's to 50's.

This heavier embroidery  thread on small spools (top row, pink box above) seems to date from around 1900. Is that possible?

Anyway, to save space, I ditched the pink quilted box and kept the thread.  Will I ever use it? Probably not -- so why am I keeping it?? ARGH.

Next task was going from a huge bulletin board to a small one.  Ms. Closet will be proud of me but I might not be entirely happy about this.  Ditched many papers and kept the most important things.

Le carré orange est un échantillion from the Gates in Central Park, which made me soooo happy that day.  The flowered fabric was my Nanny's - used in one of her blanket covers and then later, I used it in an early quilt or two. Her spirit stays with me in my sewing room.  The Kennedy button is one I bought at Boston Garden in 1960 when the then-candidate was running for president and was on the campaign trail.  I will never forget that night of seeing him and hearing him speak.  There are a few other essentials that I believe bring good karma to this room and keep it here, but now my small bulletin board is filled. Hmmm - not sure this will work.

Final treasure of the day, which I found in a box and seem to remember buying somewhere.  Have never used it but it is old and amazing. Somewhere around 1900? Your guess is as good as mine.

We'll see what tomorrow unearths as I work bit by bit to clean up/clean out.

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PaMdora said...

I keep all the wooden spools I find. I think they are beautiful. Some of the big ones, I've reused to wind hand-dyed thread that came in skeins, but mostly they just sit around taking up space.

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