Wednesday, April 20, 2011

making haste slowly

I am getting there little by little, although I must admit I don't know where there is.  Another week has crept by without my going to the studio and the weather is grey, chilly, damp and foggy -- more like November than April.
Sadly, the only spot of color in my woods is the blue paint some kids put on the rock -- I was not here to chase them away and can only hope that loud patch of blue will stop bothering me eventually.
We did have lots of color here this past weekend, however. (no need to watch the whole thing unless you are a relative).  Emma is walking (without help, when she is in the mood) and her vocabulary is expanding beyond "hi" a bit at a time.

I am also slowly making covers for the rest of the cushions and throw pillows for my chair. Tonight was to have been a sewing night but I made the mistake of blogging first and now I think I shall remain in the chair for the rest of the evening.  I bought a Time Capsule for my mac at a discount from someone who had bought two for his office and only needed one. It has never been opened so that is my activity for tonight: figuring out how this thing works and getting maximum benefit from it. Or, rather, getting the box open and reading the propaganda.  The actual doing will have to wait till tomorrow.

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