Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday?

I can't seem to manage it.  With all the April showers (aka depressing rain) the May flowers should be stunning.  But my front postage stamp looks somewhat scroungy.  My poor dwarf red maple has finally unfurled its leaves, which you will note are not red. It was born this size and has never gotten any bigger.  Poor thing. 
Then there is all the myrtle the gardners planted around my tree roots. Well, the purple flowers are nice but that's about it. 
 I did manage to get to the studio for a few hours but forgot my camera and my phone (can you imagine?) so no pix. I did not get much done and brought home a bag of strips to sew but once I sat down and put my feet up - no dice.  This heat and humidity is making everyone lethargic. So, no sewing for me tonight.  If I can manage to get out of the chair, I will consider the day a success.


Eva said...

So you own a bonsai. That's nice. Guess these never grow up to be tall.

Del said...

Sorry you are suffering. We have the heat - 89 today - but not the humidity, thank the Goddess. Corky has started napping on the tile floor instead of the carpet or his cozy bed. Love, Del

Cindy Cooksey said...

My daughter has been complaining about all the April rain, too. Surely it will end soon, and your garden will perk up.

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