Friday, April 22, 2011

making order out of chaos

An exercise in futility?? Perhaps.  But I have spent the day getting started.  I am so tired that I apologize in advance for any typos in this post.

I finally escaped to the studio for the first time in months and spent the first hour catching up with two of my studio mates, just yakking.  When I finally got to work, it was with iron in hand. I was determined to iron and sort strips: a box of commercial fabric strips and another of hand-dyed fabric strips, most of which were dyed by Helene Davis.  I got quite a bit sorted, but it was not even a drop in the bucket.

Tonight I tackled similar chaos at home. Oh, dear! How to sort?  Hand-dyes, hand prints, and commercial fabrics - all shapes and sizes. The vintage fabric from my the apron my nanny made and my mother used till it wore out.

And things like this strip of fabric I made in a class about 5 years ago. Stitched discharge and I am still picking the damn stitches out of the cloth! Never again, no matter how much I like the result. Life is too short.
My husband's new caregiver is from Ghana.  She says there is very little dementia in Ghana among old people - not nearly as much as in the U.S.  She attributes this to the fact that Americans use their brains so much that they use them all up.  Too much thinking and reading and not enough relaxing and laughing.  Good point.  I have just decided to stop thinking and start laughing so I can save my brain for my old age. 

Fortunately, I have just come across an envelope full of fortunes I collected when I was still going to Chinese restaurants. Here are some predictions good for a laugh or two, and some advice I think I will take.

You will make some changes before winning.
Golden hours are coming to you.
You are almost there.
You will make a sudden rise.
You have an unusual equipment for success, use it properly.
Your fastidious nature has much more fun this year. (huh?) 

You can only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.
Good clothes open many doors. Go shopping. 

à demain

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Janet H. said...

Somehow, that is making sense to me. I would love to hear what else you learn about life in Ghana...

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