Saturday, April 16, 2011

a good soaking

in warm salt water plus antibiotics will get rid (I hope) of the infection in my finger.  You remember, the one I sewed over the weekend.  It was fine till last night, when it woke me. And today I went to the doctor because I knew it was TroublewithacapitalT.  It feels a little better but is not a pretty picture.  At least I am not in too much pain to type!

Next day
Sewing room/office is coming along.  I managed to hang three pieces the other day. Top to bottom: Claire Waugespack, Helene Davis, Nikki Bonnett.  Not a very good picture, but it's all I have.

 The green things behind the machine are dill and basil. The cilantro  died and I buried it this morning.
a few days is already Friday.  Another week of adventures. Thursday I met Sherryl Buchler for lunch and we caught up on a lot of stuff.  She's in NJ visiting her daughter who lives a couple of towns away from me.  Afterwards, I tried unsucessfully to upgrade my iPhone at a low price; I have to wait till June.  Yesterday, color and cut.  I told my hairdresser I needed a little drama and I got it.
It's pretty light - and kinda reddish; not sure I like it but I'll see how it goes.  That seems to be my mantra these days - "we'll see how it goes."  Tomorrow, Brooklyn to retrieve Jessica and Emma and another adventure begins.

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