Sunday, May 22, 2011

better than the dentist

I spent a pleasant half-hour with Richard, my dentist, while he fixed my chipped tooth again. I have never minded going to the dentist and don't understand why people have such a problem with the tooth doctor.

Even as a child, going to the dentist was always a good experience for me (and back in the dark ages, there were no pediatric dentists - just family dentists). My family dentist always explained what he was going to do and how it was going to feel (usually, "you'll feel a little pinch") or sound (you'll hear a high-pitched buzz from the drill) and by managing our expectations as kids, he took away all the mystery and all of the fear.  I can still hear Dr. Craig saying to his nurse, "big plugger" or "little plugger" when he was filling a cavity. 

Well, another post that wrote itself and got off track. Let's get back to the Garden State Quilt Show.

I divided my afternoon between greeting old friends, hanging out with Usha, and looking at the quilts.

It was a guild show with 300 quilts -- there were art quilts and interpretations of tradtional quilts. If the quilt was not original, the maker said "inspired by a class with..." or "inspired by a quilt by so-and-so". Lighting was splendid and the quilts were beautifully displayed.  The whole show was very professional and light years better than the shows run by some professional quilt show organizers that have shows around the country.

Friend and fellow teacher, Elizabeth Rosenberg, saw my blog post and drove quite a distance to see Usha and me.  What a great surprise!!   After the show closed we went out for an Indian dinner.  Here we are, snapped with my new iPhone 4. which I was holding at arm's length.  We had such a fun time together!
After I dropped Usha at her hotel, I stopped at Patel Brothers supermarket which was on the way home.
Stocked up on a bunch of spices I was out of (or almost); ginger, papadams, hot peppers, bindi (okra) and a box of Lipton tea from India that I am sure is better than the tea blended in the U.S.
I didn't bring home much fabric, but what I have makes me happy. Now, if I can only find time to sew.  This afternoon, I am doing a program --screenprinting demo - at an art association meeting.  I had better go get organized.



Eva said...

Lovely fabrics! Good spices.
Ginger can save lives. I always have a root in store.

Cate Rose said...

Re: the dentist, you might have said..."back in the dark ages when they used foot-pump drills... I had a lot of dental work as a youngster and I HATED it!

Nina Marie said...

One of the reasons I don't like the dentist is because I have such a little mouth - LOL - albeit evidence to the contrary. My friend who is a hygenist used to think I was exaggerating until she cleaned my teeth and said - wow - your mouth is small LOL!

Rayna said...

Me, too, Nina-Marie. I have such a little mouth that I have to eat with a teaspoon.

Sandy said...

I was at the dentist every Saturday morning, then had swimming lessons at the Y. My dentist gave me pieces of mercury to take home and play with, loved how it slipped around and if you smashed it it would break into a zillion pieces and then roll back together! Of course it was dropped and lost in house nooks and crannies- I shudder to think of the amount of mercury I grew up with in that house.

Also we used to run behind the DDT trucks spraying for mosquitoes in the neighborhood- the spray was so nice and cool on a hot day. Don't know how we all survived our childhoods!

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