Monday, May 23, 2011

studio time

Today, I had an Idea but I couldn't make it work.  So I dug into my boxes and stuck some of the strips I had sitting around, onto the design wall.  They don't look like anything much but at least it made me feel productive.

I sewed these gray ones together when I was in West Palm Beach in January 2010, cooped up at night with bad lighting in the spare room in my mother's apartment.  Yep, they have been sitting around since then. They will continue to sit because I haven't got a use for them at the moment. And no, you can't have them -- you have to make your own.

These are the yellow therapy strips I was working on a couple of weeks ago. I like the way they look, but they are not soup yet.  They may sit around for a couple of years, too.  We'll see.

I came home from the studio around 4:00 and took a nap -- something I rarely do. But I needed it, and now I am going to bed at an ungodly early hour (10:30 pm), the sound of pouring rain on the skylights. And I just heard thunder. There is something comforting about the sound of rain when you are trying to go to sleep. G'night.


Debbie said...

I really like these strippy things, Rayna. I think I just may make my own! Any tips? Is there a problem keeping it flat?

Marlis said...

i love your therapy strips! i think it's a great idea to do them when you feel unproductive. guess that's something i should do too... ;-)

Eva said...

Yes you are right to let them sit until they have matured to be processed on (or do we mature to finish a project?) -- you can't hurry art.

Alison Schwabe said...

Funnily enough Rayna I am in this zone, too - my gallery here have suggested they could sell any number of 'small works' if I could provide some next season, so I'm going really small - mini 'quilts or as Lisa Call says small 'textile paintings'. They have the character of my much larger works still I feel, something i had been putting a priority on in my exploration of the potential of very small. But of course I hope they have the added appeal of affordability!

Scrapp'n Nana said...

Thanks for sharing your site with us. I love it.

Donna Scrapp'n Nana

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