Thursday, May 19, 2011

various and sundry

Don't you hate it when you walk into another room for something and by the time you get there, you can't remember what you were looking for?  Then you have to turn around and walk back to where you started, which is guaranteed to trigger the memory. Then you hope you don't forget again by the time you reach the other room.

Manila envelope.  I'm collecting paperwork for my trip in a couple of weeks to the North Carolina Quilt Symposium and the big envelopes are in the kitchen, under the junk pile on what was supposed to be the desk. I might not live long enough to clean it off.  I am also in the process of packing a box of supplies, but I forgot to check things off as I put them in and I am not going to unpack it now. I have to get the box out by Monday.  Do I send the quilts for my lecture or do I schlep them in the suitcase/ Or both?

The weather is so depressing and gloomy that I decided to go to the Short Hills Mall in a huge rainstorm. That had to be desperation.  I tried to trade in my iPhone 3 for a 4 but it is 2 days before the date I am allowed to do so, so that was the end of that. I wandered around, noticing the new stores and the old ones in new locations. Here I am, near Bloomingdale's, having just come from a store that purports to carry Birkenstocks. Two pair and boring, so I didn't bother.  But I thought the flowers in the case were lovely (yes, they are real) and I imagined sunshine.  Then I headed outside into the rain.

The dentist fixed my chipped tooth last week but it broke again. Maybe I should get a refund. If it is not pouring again tomorrow, maybe another visit.  We shall see.  In the meantime, I will read another chapter of The Happiness Project in preparation.


Quiet Quilter said...

Going from room to room remembering is how I get my exercise while I'm at home..

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

OMG!!! I was going to tell you to write it down until I got to the part about forgetting to check off items from the list! You crack me up! And I would definitely ask for a refund on the re-chipped tooth... defective materials and/or workmanship! As for rain, we just got some yesterday... first time in awhile, and I'm sure the yard looks greener than it did on Monday! Warmer temps are predicted for most of the next week... hopefully the sun will find you!

Dr Bob said...

Yesterday I made myself a bologna and lettuce sandwich. (Ok,I was desperate). I sat down and was on my third bite when my cat came up to ask for a some. I opened my sandwich to tear off bologna, and there wasn't any. Not only had I omitted the crucial sandwich ingredient, but I had taken *three* bites and didn't even notice. Thankfully, I'm too old to care.

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