Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's still Sunday

It should not be getting dark at 6:45 Eastern Daylight Savings Time, but it is. RAIN again, after a mostly sunny day yesterday. I hope all the people who were in their gardens yesterday went to the quilt show today in the rain.  Good day for being inside.

I am back home after a lovely afternoon doing a lecture/demo at the Westfield (NJ) Art Association -- an eclectic group of printmakers, sculptors, painters, and appreciators (i.e. the spouses of the members).
Due to my scatterbrained-ness (is there such a word?) I left several items at home that I might have printed with. But I made it work and just narrated as I randomly printed. I always let the group know that I don't plan ahead and have no clue what I am doing - just to manage their expectations and cover my you-know-what. Frankly, I think they were not used to having a speaker/demonstrator who was so informal -- and they all enjoyed themselves, except for the three people who fell asleep during my talk. Ah, well, you can't please everybody.

I showed them my work printed with tape, glue, and paper resists and then showed process.  It is always amazing to me that I come away from a workshop or lecture or whatever, with a piece of demo fabric that I am happy with and could not have printed if I had planned it.  Someday I should have an exhibit of demo pieces.  Can't seem to get away from myself -- but then, I guess that is the case with most of us.  Right?

What happens when you try to get away from yourself?  Does it work?  It's like trying to change your handwriting.  The handwriting analysis detectives will find you out every time.

Tonight I am baking cookies. Ross Gillman was here for a visit but left before the cookies were done.
I still have another batch in the oven. You can ignore this recipe if you've seen it here before. I am not a sweet-eater (unless it is Haagen Dazs) but these are addictive because they are not too sweet. I prefer a very scant 1/2 c. sugar and a drop of vanilla.  Tonight I threw caution to the winds and added a pinch of salt, which was not in the recipt.  But neither is the vanilla.

Cookie Crescents
Into the food processor, throw:
3/4 c. unsalted butter (1-1/2 sticks)
1 cup flour (I prefer white whole wheat)
1/2 c. cornstarch
1/2 c. confectioner's sugar
As soon as dough comes together, stop. Take about 1 tsp of dough (or less), roll between your hands, make into crescent and flatten. ( I get about 6 doz).
Line cookie sheets with parchment (or not)
Bake at 300 degrees for 15-20 min or till slightly brown at edges. Yum yum. 

Still packing supplies (or rather, looking at the half-filled box).  I have to say that I am happy with my new iPhone 4 (which, unfortunately, can't take a picture of itself - although it can do almost anything else).
The resolution is clear as a bell, it is fast, and it is white. What the big deal about the white iPhone is, I will never know.  But since I was offered both, I took the way cool, desirable one for the same price.  The only problem (which they never tell you) is that the glass is.02 milimeters thicker than the one on the black iPhone, so unless you buy your case from ATT or Apple (UGLY!!) it doesn't cover the edge of the glass.
So this way cool-ness is probably not worth it - and old people don't need to be way cool,anyway. They (I) can just BE.  

So I shall just BE for the next day or two.  Why don't you join me and just BE, too? Even if you are not old.


Gerrie said...

I have spent the day just being. Time to get out of my funk - maybe tomorrow.

Mary Beth Frezon said...

Rayna do you think your demo pieces seem to work better because you start with a limited or set range of options and colors? I've certainly had that feeling when some little workshop sample is just IT for no apparent reason. Just wondering

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