Tuesday, May 07, 2013

home and in retrospect...

 Have you stayed tuned?  The rest of the time in Durham-Chapel Hill was so busy and I found it so hard to post from my iPad that I gave up till I got home.  Here I am - knee-deep in contracts and paperwork and emails that waited for me while I was away.

Earlier, I neglected to mention that we went to the North Carolina Museum of Art while we were there. The new part of the museum looks from the outside like warehouses, but inside it is light and airy and is simply one of the best-designed art spaces I have ever seen. Here are two of my favorite pieces of the contemporary art that was there. The figure was covered in buttons and made us smile.

The painting reminded me of  Terry Jarrard-Dimond's work, which I love.

Saturday afternoon we hung the artwork on the sanctuary walls.  The sanctuary was designed so that the walls surrounding the seating could show artwork -- and it's great because the congregation can look at the art while they are worshipping.  Art and spirituality -- what a lovely combination!

No two people would hang a show precisely the same way in most cases, but in this case it became clear almost immediately how the 20-something pieces I brought would speak to each other and the process went pretty easily.  We were helped by the art committee volunteers who straightened, aligned, and labeled the pieces and I am very pleased with the way everything flows.  I think there were only 2 pieces I did not hang.

  Later, I will post whatever pictures I took that actually came out:-).


Cathy Bargar said...

Wish I could see your show! I would love to see 20 of your pieces hung together. It sounds beautiful. And yes, art and worship: what a perfect combination! (if only most places of worship weren't so specific about what/how to worship...although I guess the options are open when the two are together.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rayna...I would love to see the hangings...hope you can post pictures of them! I love the picture you did post!~ Our church this Lenten celebration season had an art show at church, and my daughter made a very interesting three cross/grave/resurrection quilt to display for it~ ♥♥♥

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