Wednesday, May 01, 2013

up late tonight & a book review

Watching all 4 episodes of The Great British Sewing Bee, season one. Insane, but I really needed to sit and do nothing tonight.  Sandy Snowden posted the links today and the shows were fun to watch. However, I've had my fill and don't think I'll watch the reruns of season 2.

What I haven't had my fill of is Valerie Goodwin's soon-to-be-published, gorgeous new book, Art Quilt Maps. I was lucky enough to get an advance copy and have to say It is a treat for the eye, a moving personal journey, and a poetic guide to creating your own fiber art maps. 

In fact, from the introduction through the galleries at the end, I found the book compelling enough to procrastinate my "must-do" chores until I had read from start to finish.

Beautifully illustrated with examples of her own work and a gallery of other artists' maps, the book shows how original and diverse the results can be.  Valerie takes us from starting places (visual and verbal exercises that generate ideas) through creating the layers, to arriving at the finish line (what to add at the end to make your work distinctive).  Along the way, her own design and creative process will inspire you to try this way of working.  

If you love Valerie's work, as I do, or have taken a workshop with her, you will certainly want a copy when it is released.  Now that my list of 'must-do" chores has gotten shorter, I'm going to go back and read it again. It's a winner!



Sandy said...

Hi Rayna, There hasn't been a season 2 yet! LOL
next Spring. they will be filming in the Autumn.
Have fun with your solo show. Loved the Miss Emma conversation!

Martha said...

I have Valerie's book on my wish list; you make me evey more eager for it to come out. Thanks for sharing precious Emma with us.
Martha Ginn

Nancy said...

Great review! I am really looking forward to the book. You have doubled the anticipation for me.

Sheila Frampton-Cooper said...

Hello Rayna! I have this book on order already and am looking forward to it's release. Thanks for taking the time to provide a review!

I hope all is well, -s

Tawney said...

Rayna, thanks for confirming my suspicion that Val's book would be one I have to get. (btw - I've been in need of some sewing therapy, was blessed with a gift card and bought your Free Form book yesterday - the therapy began immediately, but am looking forward to the real playing.)

Lisa Chin said...

Thanks for the review Rayna. It looks like one I will need to check out for sure. Good luck with your show!

Mary C. Nasser said...

Really looking forward to reading this book! Looks wonderful! I love maps!

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