Thursday, May 09, 2013

scarves, scarves, scarves

Not much question where this day went! I turned my kitchen island into a workstation because my sewing room workspace was/is slightly indisposed. Ahem. Of course, this may look familiar, but it is worse than usual, I think.
Even though these scarves had to be yellow, they are not all the same yellow. And even though they had to have certain common elements, everything else I added was up for grabs, depending on my mood, which screens and dyes were at hand, etc. etc.  Here are two of them, for example.

I have been paid for my work and now the Class of 19XX is going to sell them to raise money for the alumni fund.  I decided that instead of having people rifle through a pile of 50 slightly different items, hemming and hawing over which one they liked better, I would order from ClearBags and fold/insert each into one of those little bags.  They will pay their money and take their chances - they get what they get. The people taking turns selling them will have an easier time. 

What I didn't bargain for is how long it would take me to number, tag, fold, and insert the little beauties so they look NEAT.  Half the day and I am still not done.  But I have about 3/4 of them packaged, so that's not bad. I can take the rest with me to my crit group tomorrow and these can be my "what I have been doing for the last three months" contribution.
I will confess that I would rather teach for several days than to ever do another commission this large. However, it's almost done and I can move on. To what?

I suppose I could do something with this piece sitting on my bulletin board/design wall.  
 It is not as blue as these bad photos make it look: it's really gray.  This (below) is what it was previously (actually, this is the other half I haven't done anything with yet). A contribution from my friend Rachel. 
Or, maybe I should start something completely new. It might be time for some therapy strips.  Well, it will all have to wait. The rest of the week is scheduled up the wazoo.  Time to rest up for it.


tiedyejudy said...

Hah! I totally relate to your comment about large commissions! Last year, a friend and I worked on a very large commission, including me dyeing fabric for/and her sewing 82 golf cart seat covers for a woman's golf tournament. I also did tote bags, golf towels and a number of shirts... wore me out, but it was a nice chunk of change. However, that may be the last time I do anything that large!

Martha said...

You really made organization out of chaos by enclosing your beautiful scarves in the bags. Now enjoy some carefree therapy sewing!

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