Wednesday, May 15, 2013

random access

I remember years ago being in a crit group that had a challenge, and the phrase was "random access."  Just now I looked up the meaning of the phrase and it was so confusing that I gave up trying to get it.  Back in the day, it had to do with computer memory (RAM= random access memory, which means it could find things that were not sequential). I think.  Seems to me that this was the piece I made for this challenge. The piece was called "Seeking a Reading" and it had to do with Madame somebody-or-other, who was a palm-reader and whose card was found in the walls of what became the Lower East Side Tenement Museum in Manhattan.  I already forget what made the connection for me - but maybe it was having random access to memories or who knows what.
In any case, I am not sure how I got started on this tangent -- but if I trace it back to my day, I will no doubt find a link.  I am attempting to clean out my mother's apartment and the saga continues.  I have finally hired someone to help me make decisions of what to do with all these books, gorgeous antique cut glass, and everything else.  It all has memories for me.  My Nanny (pictured above when she was young) collected this stuff and so did my mother.  Now it all has to go.

On a brighter note - I got an email from Judy Carpenter this morning with a photo of her latest quilt,
Maggieville.  Here is a peek at a bit of this whimsical piece, which you can see and read about on her blog.

Getting an early start tomorrow - will try to post over the weekend from the Mt. Holyoke Campus.


Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

Hi Rayna... using the same connection of random access. I am up way earlier than I wanted to be... thinking of all the loose ends that needed to be tied to be ready for my daughter Laura's wedding on June 3rd. It will be held in the White Space in the Old school ( where Lines and Numbers was shown) and then process to the Crane for the reception. Fun but so so so much planning and work.

The connection to you mom is that we are using clear glass jars to hold candles, flowers etc. for the center pieces of the table and so I am finally cleaning out the condiments that have slowly taken over the refrig.

Hope that I might get to see you this Sunday 2-4 at the Hunterdon Museum ( Clinton NJ) I am in the show "Nature's Mark " along with 6 other folks who make prints on fabric. Nancy Crow among them. It is a beautiful show and will be up until early Sept. if you miss the opening. Wish I could attach the invite. I will send you one on e-mail.

Rayna said...

Diane, I have tried to attach the invite to the blog and it won't work. So sorry I won't be there this weekend.

Nina Marie said...

My mom had a terrible time cleaning out my gram's house. So finally she let me do it for her - so you're not the only one!!

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