Tuesday, May 07, 2013

where did the day go?

Vanished in a cloud of answering emails, sending out supply lists, and a little bit of website tweaking.  

For those of you who can get to my my exhibit in North Carolina, here is where it is.  
Of course, I took terrible pictures, but here are a few anyway.  Even though it was a retrospective, the quilts that spoke to each other or worked together were not necessarily in chronological order and didn't go up the way I had pictured that they might.  Hanging a show is a trip and a learning experience, every single time. 

 This was part of the wall on the right of the sanctuary.

This was one section of the back wall.

These next two pieces were on the front wall, hanging together.  It was the first time I had seen them displayed in many years.  The first time they hung together it was 1998 and I put them into the guild show.  They shared first prize -- not because they were perfect, but because they had impact.  The judges were artists, not quilt police.
Last Stop

Prozna St., Warsaw
Below, Marni and one of her assistants are adjusting the work on this Walker hanging system.  I had to cut holes in the sleeves of several of my pieces to accomodate the hanging fixtures.sigh...
This is a very short week.  Got home late Sunday night (it is a long drive) and spent Monday doing errands and dealing with my mother's apartment, which I now have to clean out and put on the market in very short order.  Not easy with all my traveling.  Don't ask. Tomorrow, I am ironing, numbering, folding and packing 50 silk scarves. Thursday is my crit group -- we have not seen each other in eons .  Of course, I have nothing to show because everything current is in the exhibit. Friday I am spending with my college roommate whom I have not seen in 25 years. THAT should be lovely. And there is the week! 

So -- off goes this sleep-deprived person to make some coffee and iron some scarves, which are sitting on my kitchen island.  I know this is a boring post but honestly, my life isn't that interesting. Trust me on this.


Gunilla.B said...

Good luck with your exhibition!
Would love to see it of course!

Marianne said...

Dommage que je ne puisses pas voir l'expo, elle a l'air magnifique. Je vous souhaite un beau succès

tiedyejudy said...

Your exhibit would be wonderful to see in person! Lots of hours and work went into those pieces, I'm sure! Sounds like you have a full dance card these days... hope you have time soon to just breathe, enjoy a day of relaxation. Your reunion with your roommate should be nice! Enjoy the day...

Marie Costa said...

Your pieces look amazing hung together, congrats on the exhibition.

I LOVE your line about the 'quilt police'....exactly the reason I no longer belong to a guild.

Eva said...

Boring? You're kidding. How can hanging an exhibition be boring? Not for your blog visitor either.

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