Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday, but not wordless

It has been cold and rainy here for what seems like a month.  We had one beautiful day on Monday and today, it was back to rain (although not cold).

All this rain has been great for my little garden in the front of the house.  I took this last week when the azaleas were still in bloom.  All that pink and purple made me crazy, so I bought a couple of orange and yellow things and stuck the pots in front of the azaleas.  Better, even though you can't really see them very well in this photo.
Unfortunately, most of the orange and yellow flowers are annuals, which I don't plant.  I bought a new kind of deer spray this year and it is not supposed to wash off in the rain.  We shall see.  I'm not sure I trust it.

When I left the house for NY on Tuesday morning, the sun was out. By the time I arrived at City Quilter to meet my friend Bella Kaplan and a new friend, Shoshi Rimer.  Both were on their way home from an Israeli quilt show in Canada and stopped in NY for a few days before they head back to Israel.
We met at City Quilter to see the show at their gallery - quilts by Deb Hyde. They are pretty amazing -- art quilts done completely in the sunshine and shadow traditional pattern.  She does not use a computer, but sketches out her work by hand.

 Well, this is the best I could do with my iPhone.  Bella, Shoshi, and me enjoying ourselves today.

I opted to walk from the Port Authority bus terminal on 40th and 8th to the gallery on 25th between 7th and 6th Aves.  On the way, I encountered a giant black movie cameras and a crowd on the 7th Ave sidewalk.
 They were looking up at this building across the street. Uh? Yes?
I chatted with a guy in a suit who was an extra in the film and he pointed up. Huh?  My eyes are not so good and my phone camera is even worse -- but if you look really closely at the inner circle, you will see a black speck that might resemble a human form.  You can't tell from here, but it was Spiderman.

The guy in the suit was an extra in the movie and he told me they were going to clear the sidewalk as soon as they got the lighting set. Most New Yorkers didn't even bother stopping to see what was going on; they are used to this kind of thing. I went on my way.
 By the time I was on my way back uptown to the bus terminal, it was raining lightly. Of course, no umbrella -- but I didn't care. It was very freeing not to have an umbrella.  Short time in the city, but it was fun!


patty a. said...

The weather here in NE Ohio had been all over the map for the month of May. This past week we had frost then yesterday it was 89 degrees! Last week the electric blanket was back on the bed and then last night I had to have the fan on all night. Crazy! We have not gotten much rain though and we sure could use some.

Windy Hill Happenings said...

I miss New York!!!!

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