Thursday, October 09, 2014

a week for the books!

Yearbooks, that is.

Tuesday and Wednesday nights I spent with my friends and classmates from the high school class of 19xx.(smirk)   Our xxth reunion - and it was wonderful.

For the last 15 or 20 years, we've had a reunion every five years - and every time the mix is different for a variety of reasons.

This year, finally, one of my friends from 3rd grade who had never been to a reunion, decided to come.
That was a treat.  Some people never change: you'd know them anywhere.  Others, you can't seem to place at first.  There were a ton of people I went through school with, starting in 3rd grade and those are the relationships where you instantly feel that no time has gone by and you pick up where you left off. 

At dinner, I pulled out my photo of our 6th grade girl scout troop - hilarious!  Four of us were there last night and OMG - we look drop-dead gorgeous today compared to this photo. Snort! It's so embarrassing.  Anyway, I was thrown out of the Girl Scouts because I would not comply with the RULES.  Quelle surprise!

I was so busy talking and hugging people for two nights that I took only one photo: a selfie of me with my dear friend Bill.  He is an amazing photographer, musician, and a man of many talents. We've been close since 7th grade and while he used to get down to NJ periodically and stay with Marty and me, it is a trip made less and less often and he claims this may  be his last. I refuse to accept that. 

Anyway, back to real life today.  I have been making more pieces of Art for Small Spaces and tomorrow I have to stop at the gallery to make sure everything looks good for tomorrow night's opening.  I will hand my camera over to someone else to take pictures because I know I will be otherwise occupied.


Del said...

I think you are the second girlie from the right in the front row.
How many people in your 19XX class? And how many attended the reunion? I doubt I would recognize anyone from my class - those that are left anyway. Love, Del

Mostly Turquoise said...

I agree with Del, the big smile is still the same! Good luck with your show, Rayna!

Charlotta said...

Lovely selfie of you and Bill ❤️

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

No problem picking you out in the GS photo, and I laughed out loud to see why you were kicked out! Refused to draw inside the lines, right?! Love your selfie with your friend... my best friend from 7th grade thru H.S. is no longer with us, as is the case with many of my graduating class from H.S., but we have a google group where we occasionally keep in touch. Haven't been to a reunion in years, but I was very shy and didn't have too many close pals then... not like now!

Linda Hicks said...

I agree with all the above :*))

Janet W said...

I never could tie those neckerchiefs properly either.

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