Monday, October 20, 2014

I think it's Monday

Honestly, I can't keep track.  I got home from Philadelphia yesterday (thank god it was only a 2 hour drive and not a flight) and the rest of the day felt like a Saturday.  Probably because it wa an afternoon of errands.

The art cloth network meeting was excellent: business to be discussed, along with show & tell and fine dining at neighborhood restaurants. We had our meeting at Dianne Hricko's studio and loved being surrounded by her gorgeous wearables.

The gremlins have been at work and have stolen the plugs for my iPad & iPhone chargers.  Bah!
Left with only one, I had to go to the Apple store to buy two more.  THIS time I put my initial on them so that nobody can remove them by mistake.

Back to the supermarket, the kitchen, and the email today.  Carrot, potato and parsnip soup.
No recipe - I just threw the veggies into the pressure cooker, added seasoning, and 20 min later, soup.
Used my stick blender to puree it, added some curry powder and it was pretty good. Maybe even very.

Then I collected my mail and there was a grand jury summons, which has to be answered online. The only problem is, it told me my login was invalid. At this rate, there will be a warrant out for my arrest.
Never a dull moment:-)


Linda Hicks said...

What a hoot! Enjoy that soup to tide you over in case of arrest! Glad you always find a way to post, regardless. Gremlins is a good name for what I can't find at first...and an initial marking hopefully stops the other disappearances. Carry on and thanx!

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

I love the picture with the scarves on display! I covet the screen she is using... would love to find something like that here I could use for my shows. I always have more to display than my racks can handle! ;-)
BTW, your soup looks yummy...

Anne-Marie Alexander said...

Please let us know what happens re: the grand jury summons. I've never gotten one & I'm curious. I have to admit, I'm one of those people who actually likes jury duty ... I've only gone several times & I never found it boring.
Hope I don't see you on the late night news!! Ha!

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