Tuesday, October 14, 2014

do you wonder why I don't blog every day?

Easy.  Contrary to popular opinion, I have a really boring life, most days.  Take today, for instance:

Did laundry
Went to bank
 Went to the cemetery to see if my mother's footstone was up.  Finally, after a year and a half!  Then I threw grass seed on the plot: luckily, today was unseasonably and deliciously warm and it is supposed to rain on Thursday, so maybe it will take. Further planting decisions wait till next spring. I left a stone on each of my family members' gravestones and drove home.

Paid bills.
Shredded papers from the file cabinet, attempting to make room for more.

Dealt with email spam on my iPad

I have a great spam filter on my computer, but the same dreck that goes directly to the junk folder on my macbook comes directly into my iPad inbox in quantities that bury my real mail with 20 0r 30 copies of each message, with such headlines as...
Water could kill you 
I started on Thursday and today I have lost 8 percent body fat
Rachael Ray Banned For Life Over New Photos
70% stock market crash imminent (CIA insider warns)
Reverse acid reflux in 6 days
Meet Japanese Singles Online
Learn how to build beautiful furniture in your home
Unleash the potent power in your pants 

You get the drift.  Then, there are the amusing ones that start out this way...

Hello Dear,
Good day,my name is Miss Rachel Dominic Dim Deng. 24years old, the only daughter to my late parent Mr/Mrs Dominic Dim Deng. He and with 18 people on board including veteran politician Dr.Justin Yac Arop who was also Adviser to the President of South Sudan for Decentralization died on the the aero-plane crashed on Friday May 02, 2008. 

Such imaginative names!

I have tried before to find a way to filter that garbage, to no avail. ios mail has no way to use a filter. Finally, after a week of hundreds of unspeakable messages in multiples of each one, I searched online (of course, where else??) and followed some advice from the Apple support community that works! I use gmail to download from my studio78 server and en route, their spam filters do their jobs.

It took me hours just to delete the junk from my iPad because you know that there is no "delete all" function in the inbox.  Sigh...  But my iPad inbox is slim and trim tonight! (more than I can say for myself).


Ironed the two scarves I printed/steamed/washed yesterday.  Here a a couple of glimpses before I crash.  

Tomorrow, I pay the rest of the bills, pack for my trip to Philadelphia, and maybe if I am lucky, get to see a friend.


Debbie said...

Your life IS interesting Rayna! Glad you got the spam under control. When someone actually reads the spam and goes as far as copying it in a blog post, you know they really do need help, LOL! The gmail method is used by many. Just don't forget to check the gmail spam folder periodically to make sure nothing important went in there.

Linda's Art Quilts said...

This was a great post. It's refreshing to know that even an artiste extraordinaire can have days like those that befall many of us. Love your scarves.

Marty Mason said...

Fun read. I don't always read all the way to the end of my favorite bloggers' posts; however, I wanted to know how your boring day ended so I just kept reading. No matter the day or the way it's spent, it's a good one in my book!

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Gads... the spam made me cringe! I recently changed from yahoo to gmail and don't get nearly the spam anymore. Love your scares... so full of visual interest! Have a great trip!

Linda Hicks said...

Glad to see those scarves on this revisit!

Anne-Marie Alexander said...

I LOVE those scarves!

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