Thursday, October 02, 2014

so glad this week is over

It has been super-busy, what with spending two days hanging the show (don't ask).  Friday night next wk is the opening and on Sunday, I have my annual Open Studios.  Most of my good work is at the gallery, the studio is a tip, and I'm working on making some of what I call"art for small spaces" for the occasion.  I hung four small fabric postcards, matted and framed, in my exhibit and now I am slogging through making some for the studio tour.  This is tonight's output, unframed and probably unfinished. Ha - a bunch of whirling dervishes in the woods is what i see at the moment.  Ghosts. Spirits. Mazikim.
Tomorrow, maybe a few more in the afternoon.

Tonight I made Colombian arepas for dinner.  They were easy and much too delicious -- something I've been wanting to try for a long time.   Tomorrow night we are going to Hilary's for dinner and I have to bake brownies to take for dessert.  At the moment, I am  done for today.


Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

I love the postcard in the photo! Lots of visual interest, great colors... can't wait to see pix of the show! Hope it's a great success along with your Open Studios!

Mia Bloom Designs said...

I love the artwork in the photo above. I, too, hope your Open Studio and show is a great success!

Gerrie said...

You have been one busy woman - I hear you roar!

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